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Learning Cocoa with Objective-C, 4th Edition

You can use the bitmapData method to get the raw pixel buffer. This book also assumes that you have a basic understanding of the Objective-C programming language.

Handles the display of PDF data. Make the crawing cocoa drawing guide pdf download the current context and draw. Please try submitting your feedback later.

Cocoa supports several techniques for creating new images and loading existing images. Your implementation of this method should retain the data and use it to initialize the object. When capturing doqnload view, the view can either belong to an onscreen window or be completely detached and not onscreen at all.

Caching is a useful step toward preparing an image for display on the screen.

cocoa drawing guide pdf download Some of these techniques are more convenient than others and some may not be available in cocao versions of OS X, so you should consider each one carefully.

Once you have your view or image, lock guise on it and use the initWithFocusedViewRect: You must always set the image orientation before you lock focus on the image and start cocoa drawing guide pdf download though. The image representation then saves the raster data to alleviate the need to recreate it later. It is possible to create images programmatically by locking focus on an NSImage object and drawing other images or paths into the image context.

Cocoa Programming

In both cases, you use a custom Cocoa drawing guide pdf download object together with the Cocoa printing system to generate the desired data. Once your image representation class has been identified as handling a particular type of data, Cocoa may notify it when data of the appropriate type is received. Once you have an image, there are many ways you can use it.

Downlad change primarily affects bitmap images, and cocoa drawing guide pdf download result in a loss of data for your in-memory copy of the image. Images and their representations are considered immutable for efficiency and safety reasons. Drawing Text with Attributes Chapter It is important to remember that images loaded from an existing file are intended primarily for rendering.

Drawing multipart images cleanly on high-resolution screens can be very challenging. With one exception, all of the drawing and compositing methods choose the image representation that is best suited for the target canvas—see How an Image Representation Is Chosen.

For information cocoa drawing guide pdf download supported file types, see Supported Image File Formats. If your code paths use these parts cocia the framework, you might find it beneficial to change your model.

Once you have a CGContextRef object with cocao desired color space, you can use it to configure the Cocoa drawing environment and draw your image. From the generated data, you then create an image representation of the desired type.

Cocoa Programming for OS X: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide, 5th Edition – PDF Free Download – Fox eBook

At the heart of Cocoa’s image manipulation code is the NSImage class. Auto Layout Chapter Listing shows how to create a bitmap representation from an existing image. If your app uses the lockFocus and unlockFocus methods of the NSImage class for cocoa drawing guide pdf download darwing, consider using the method imageWithSize: Changing the size of an image representation object changes the actual number of bits used to hold the image data.

For NSImageRepthe size is generally tied to the size of the native or cached bitmap. As with file-based images, most of the images you create need only a single image representation. You can also use images as offscreen or temporary buffers and capture a sequence of drawing commands that you want to use at a later time.

Because it provides the high-level interface, NSImage knows almost nothing about managing the actual image data. Figure shows you how to assemble a nine-part image for a cocoa drawing guide pdf download that can be resized both vertically and horizontally.

Thank you for frawing feedback! These methods do cocoa drawing guide pdf download other behaviors that you need to understand, however. Changing this value therefore changes the size of the image as it is drawn in one of your views.