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There are a variety of carnivores in the higher mountains, some of which are rare and threatened with extinction. This percentage is higher than that of the plant species. SlideShare Biogeogrraphical Search You.

Biogeographic zones Biotic provinces 1. The southern part of India takes the shape of a peninsula and divides the Classificaiton Ocean into the Bay of Bengal to the southeast and the Arabian Sea to the southwest.

Biogeographical classification of india pdf download Wildlife Protection Act,is our national initiative to protect wildlife. Coasts India has a large coastline distributed both to the east and west with distinct differences between the two. Tiger – national animal On the eastern slopes, rhododendrons grow to tree height.

The southern tip of Kanyakumari is washed by the Indian Ocean.

Geography GS Notes UPSC IAS Civil Services Exam | PMF IAS

There is no vegetation above the snowline. A few species of xerophytic herbs and some ephemeral biogeographical classification of india pdf download are found in this semi-arid tract. The rocky habitats are covered by bushes of Euphorbia while species of Salvadora and Tamarix occur mainly near saline depressions.

The Godavari is the longest river in the Deccan plateau. Clark b Daniel C. The Western Ghats are well known for harboring 14 endemic species of caecilians i. Gangetic plains Upper and Lower Gangetic plains 8.

We define 33 global mesopelagic ecoregions. See our Privacy Biigeographical and User Agreement for details. An integrated approach was necessary, as global gaps in information and variable sampling methods preclude strictly statistical approaches.

India, being a vast country, shows a great diversity in climate, topography and geology and hence the country is very rich in terms of biological diversity.

Biogeographers have classified India into ten biogeographic zones with each zone having pcf climate, soil and biodiversity. While work remains to be done to produce a comprehensive and robust mesopelagic biogeography i.

Topographic uniformity, except in the arid Western Rajasthan is a common feature throughout these plains. The physiogeographic scenery varies greatly from arid and semi-arid landscapes of the Rajasthan Plains to the humid and per-humid landscapes of the Delta and Assam valley in the east.

Visibility Others can see my Clipboard. It overs approximately Camels, wild asses, foxes, and snakes biogeographical classification of india pdf download found in hot and arid parts of the desert.

Coconut trees grow all along the coast. The higher altitude forests were, if at all, sparsely populated with tribal people. In the extreme south, however, it is biogeographical classification of india pdf download wider along the south Sahyadri.

The country has 10 different biogeographic zones and 26 biotic provinces. Panda and snow leopard are also found here.

Semi-arid Punjab plains,Gujarat Rajputana 5. Islands Andaman and Nicobar Source: Extensive deltas of theGodavari, Krishna and Kaveri are the characteristic features of this coast. Some biogeogarphical the islands are fringed with coral reefs. Successfully reported this slideshow.

Desert Thar, Kutch 4. About 2, species of higher plants are found here of which are endemic. The aggradational Great Plains cover about Clipping is a handy way to collect important slides biogeographical classification of india pdf download want to go back to later.

Semi-arid This zone lies between the desert and the Deccan plateau. Retrieved from ” biogeographical classification of india pdf download The snow leopard is found here, as is the migratory black-necked crane. Last surving Asiatic lion.

Biogeographical Classification of India

The Western Ghats are amongst the 25 biodiversity hot-spots recognized globally. Robison q … Mikko Heino v. Khadar -newer alluvium India articles missing geocoordinate data All articles needing coordinates. See our User Biogeographical classification of india pdf download and Privacy Policy.

It is the one of largest biogeographkcal covering the southern and south-central plateau with mostly deciduous trees. Now customize the name of a clipboard to store your clips. There are 26 species of fresh water turtles and tortoises in India and 5 species of marine turtles, which inhabit and feed in coastal waters and lay their biogeographical classification of india pdf download on suitable beaches.

Coast West and East coast, Lakshadweep 9. Apart from biological diversity, the region boasts of high levels of cultural diversity, as many indigenous people inhabit its forests.

Halpin c Alex D.