This is the motherboard part number and you can google it or search on eBay. What can i do to solve this problem? Pls my laptop hp dv cable of the screen from the power button sparked and smoke came out, since then the screen is not showing, it will just show blank white. So, the AC adapter is good, power jack is good but the laptop with not turn on when battery removed. I appreciate any help. I followed your other guide to disassemble a Compaq FUS.

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Unplug the AC power adapter. Is it that my motherboard is dead? Hii have a HP g62t core i5 laptop. Vgn – bx760 the laptop stopped charging, and the power supply seemed dead.

Model selection

If this is memory related problem, the laptop will start when the failed module removed. Look vgn – bx760 the memory compartment.

When I turn my laptop on the screen is black.

Thinking I had just been unlucky with a bad specimen, Vgn – bx760 returned it and got a replacement, same model. For use with 90 watt 4.

Now push on the power button for a few seconds. Toshiba Satellite M20 Series: I have an hp vgn – bx760 Quad edition, and recently when I hit the power button, nothing comes on except for the charging light near the DC in.

So, I happen to know the problem with my laptop. I cannot tell without looking at the laptop.

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The power cable outputs 19v ish like its suppose to. Do you have any vgn – bx760 what might be causing this probelm? Can you test new adapter with a voltmeter? It is not vgn – bx760 battery, as I have 2… These are being charged using a faulty laptop mobo.

It was already broken once and replaced. For use with 65 watt 3. E Emachines G Series: Thanks for the information in the vhn I have an HP Pavilion dv series vgn – bx760. My DV does not boot vgn – bx760, When I plug in the charger, the charging port starts glowing blue light and the system notices the charger working but when I power it on, it just goes of immediately with the charging lights still on… What should I do please….

Plug in bxx760 AC adapter and try turning it on. Hello, I have Lenovo N Laptop. Well, I actually get the thing working but here is my new problem:.

What could be the problem and how can i fix this?

Can you help me to fix it?. Can you remove the hard drive and start the laptop without it?

Laptop does not start. Is it bad power jack or motherboard?

How b760 i get the motherboard number or model so i can purchase the correct one? I had my motherboard repaired a few days back.

I have a Dell Bz760 B that crapped out on me mysteriously. What may be not function??? Since then its not showing any light at all. I re-checked the old adapter, which had been unplugged for around a week, 19v. Your problem could be related to: Is it due to motherboard fuse? This will help to find out if the jack is good and power goes to the motherboard.

I think its vgn – bx760 problem but am not sure about this, you help will be very appreciated, thanks vgn – bx760 bx706. Turn off the laptop.