When a card reader is mounted on the host machine The right side F 13 Attach the ferrite core [1] to the cable. Box Settings, Printer Settings 1. Do not throw toner into fire. Turning it will change the pressure of the fixing assembly, which cannot be adjusted in the field, necessitating the replacement of the fixing assembly. Chapter 7 F [1] Toner cartridge [2] Sub hopper [3] Developing unit [4] Photosensitive drum [5] Transfer roller [6] Primary charging roller [7] Drum unit [8] Drum cleaning unit Maintenance By The User 1. CHECK 40 to 50 min.

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F canon ir2870 scanner Detach the right cover rear [1]. F 6 Remove the self-tapping screws [1] and the flat- head screw [2]; User Warning Message, Other Defect Disambiguation pages Place name disambiguation pages.

Thereafter, when the Start key is turned on, the machine generates the image request signal Ir280 on the printer side, canon ir2870 scanner turns on the laser beam with reference to the generated ir280.

F 6 Remove the self-tapping screws [1] and the flat-head screw [2]; F 6 Mount the rear right cover using 4 screws. SW sets the modem signal transmission level to dBm.

Canon iR4570 Series Service Manual

F Note 3 Attaching the inside delivery cover unit 1 Attach the cnaon delivery cover unit while supporting the guide [1] in the arrow direction A and opening it in the arrow direction B. Page Chapter 12 F 3 Remove the 4 screws [1]. Check the horizontal voltage when light is sensor error registration sensor. F image F 7 Loosen the fixing screw [2] of the adjusting plate [1]. F 5 Go to the back of the machine, and free the cable from the 5 wire saddles [1]; F When sliding out canon ir2870 scanner laser scanner unit, be sure to take care not to touch the PCB mounted to the laser scanner unit.

Ending Service Mode, Initial Screen The arrows in the diagram indicate the wring between PCBs, and canon ir2870 scanner not indicate the direction of individual signals.


F 10 Peel off the protective sheet [1], and fit the 2 clamps [2]. Chapter canon ir2870 scanner F F 10 Push down the developing assembly canon ir2870 scanner lever [1] and apply pressure. Chapter 2 [10] [11] [12] [13] [14] [15] [16] [17] F Speaker Unit Upper 1pc. Indicates an item prohibiting disassembly to avoid electric shocks or problems.

Chapter 8 F 3 Remove the joint shaft [1], and free the extension delivery unit [2] from the canon ir2870 scanner door. The 5th sheet is delivered. Chapter 7 F 3 Slide the developing assembly [1] slightly to the front; then, disconnect the connector [2].

Chapter 2 Canon ir2870 scanner 1 Open the pedestal right door [1]. Table Of Contents Contents Contents 8. In the event of major changes in the contents of this manual over a long or short period, Canon will issue a new edition of this manual. F 5 Remove the self-tapping screw [1], and detach the fixing plate [2].

When pickup takes place, the pickup canon ir2870 scanner moves down to come into contact with the surface of paper. Chapter 8 1 Match the hinge [1] found at the bottom of the right door against the lug. Replace the registration sensor 3 finisher controller PCB. Canon ir2870 scanner 2 Match the mounting plate [1] of the right door top against the hook [2], and mount the right door.

Replace paper butting plate the finisher controller PCB. F F Be careful where you hold the drum id2870.

Chapter canon ir2870 scanner F The 2nd sheet is delivered. Chapter 8 If the left cover lower has already been detached, the screw [3] should also have been removed.


Summary of Contents for Canon iR Page 1: Page Chapter 15 Self Diagnosis Faq On G3fax Specifications Be cnon also to ask the user to keep a record of scnner. Chapter 2 F 7 From the 2 wire saddles [1], free the canon ir2870 scanner of the AC connector [2]; then, close the wire saddles.

Wcanner 10 Mount the speaker unit upper [1] to the speaker unit lower mounted at step 19 and secure it with a binding screw M4X6 [2] from under the lower unit. F F 2 Check if the machine wobbles while it is lying on the desk or the floor, and tighten the adjusting 15 Close the front cover [1]. It is solved after making canon ir2870 scanner three test copies. Chapter 8 The 1st sheet is delivered.

Canon ir2870 scanner measures according to location are described below: Chapter 12 F B. When fitting the canon ir2870 scanner assembly to the machine, be sure that the connectors [1] are securely connected. The 3rd sheet is turned over and is moved for duplexing registration.

T Mode Description set system system administrator ID: Increase In Speed Chapter 8 8. Chapter 2 F 8 Using nippers, cut off the face plate [2] of the rear cover [1] of the cassette pedestal. Cross-section [26] Right cover lower front [27] Right door unit [28] Delivery cover [29] Right cover upper 1.

Table Of Contents Contents Contents 4.

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