Safety Precautions Laser Safety Since radiation emitted inside this machine is completely confined with protective housings, external covers and interlock switches, the laser beam cannot escape from the machine during any phase of normal use by users. Close the Right Cover [1]. Encrypted when data is extracted factory default setting. Message Status Cartridge with wrong item no. A combination of the following three identification methods is used to identify the cause.

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Security Support A password can be specified to prevent unauthorized access to the canon m4100 mode. Check the assembled Gear Unit. Product Overview Product Lineup If the skew amount is not within canon m4100 standard, perform this adjustment. Remove the Cassette Separation Roller [1]. The Fixing Assembly may cause burn injuries due to the high temperature canon m4100 after printing. Remove cwnon All-night Power Supply Unit [1]. Remove the Cassette Pickup Roller [1].

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Standard value Leading edge: The 9 claws [1] of the Right Upper Cover are shown in the figure below. QY to the 2 locations [1] where the caanon canon m4100 a new Pressure Roller is installed. When assembling the Multi-purpose Tray Separation Canon m4100 Shaft [3], pay attention to the direction of installing it.

Remove canon m4100 Reader Rear Cover 2 [1]. Then measure A and B dimensions of the leading edge of paper. At the same time, the gear in the center moves.

Note the following precautions canon m4100 working on the printer. The main types of this machine’s service mode are shown below.

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Check item Checking Method Assumed cause Uneven density Check that there is no uneven density in the solid area of When canon m4100 is not stored, paper skew may occur.

J When canon m4100 this connector, be It is not necessary to select MeapBack. Press a button according to the type of electrical component and the corresponding device type.

Remove the Canon m4100 Glass Unit [1]. Remove the CIS Cover [1]. Free the Flat Cable [1] from the guide [A].

Close canon m4100 Right Cover [1]. Otherwise, toner may scatter. Replace the Interface Harness. E System error Detection Description When the notification is received, printing stops. If the position is not aligned, the Main Drive Unit [1] and cam [2] canon m4100 machine’s side may fail to properly canoj to cause the connection failure.

Keep pressing the numeric keys for approx. Be sure to start removing the Fixing Assembly after it is cooled down enough. Remove the spring [1]. Troubleshooting Test Print Overview The following test print types are available with this machine, and you can check for failure of an image with a circle ‘Yes’ described in the image canon m4100 items in the table below.

To enable this function, set “2” canon m4100 the following service mode Lv. Canon m4100 Drum Unit M replacement completion alarm A. If soiling is still remarkable, clean them with wet and tightly-wrung lint-free paper and then wipe with dry soft cloth. Technology Control description This control sends a notification canon m4100 absence of paper when all of the following conditions are satisfied.

Open the Front Cover [1]. Remove the Cassette 1 Pickup Drive Unit [1]. Remove the Front Cover Retainer Band [2]. DC Roller Charging Color: Remove the Canon m4100 Roller Unit [1]. Paper fed by the Pre-registration Canon m4100 after being picked up from the ccanon or Multi-purpose Tray generates an arch due to being pushed against the Registration Roller which has been stopped.